Here you will see business cards designed for:

SoFire Services PTY LTD 2018

Ref: Rosa Du Plessis

SoFire PTY LTD business card mockup.jpg

Clayville Chickens PTY LTD 2018

Ref: David G. Boshoff

Clayville Chickens PTY LTD business card mockup.jpg

IJC All Maintenance 2017

Ref: John Nyirangondo

IJC All Maintenance business card mockup

Olympic Academy of Driving in 2014

Ref: Reinhard and Francis Kelsey

Visit  Olympic Academy of Driving

Olympic Academy of Driving
Olympic Academy of Driving             This Business card is double sided.

Amethyst Mobile Massage in 2014

Ref: Jeannie van der Merwe and Bianca Schultz

Amethyst Mobile Massage
Amethyst Mobile Massage

Smile Property Group in 2013

Ref: Dries and Natascha Cronje

Smile Property Group
Smile Property Group

Cleaners on the Run in 2011

Ref: Trudi Havenga

Cleaners on the run
Cleaners on the Run

Hendrik Auto Solutions in 2011

Ref: Monique Ouaneche

Hendrik Auto Solutions

Bakona Minerals in 2006

Ref: Antoinette Viljoen

BM bcard

Bakona Minerals

Dup3 Consulting in 2005

Ref: Deon Du Plessis

Dup3 consulting
Dup3 Consulting